Clinical Evidence

Multiple studies published in peer-reviewed journals all demonstrate the same thing:

TrueLaborTM Maternal Fetal Monitoring is safe, accurate, fast and easy to learn, use and adopt. It provides a measure of safety that is unavailable with today’s technology.

The evaluation of uterine activity is an important aspect of labor monitoring. It may aid in the detection of non-reassuring fetal heart rate (as decelerations are defined in relation to contractions), evaluation of power in scenarios of protracted or arrested labor and diagnosis of true preterm labor. The currently available methods lack key elements of uterine activity monitoring. The use of TrueLaborTM with LaborTrackTM Technology rather than TOCO or IUPC allows overcoming the disadvantages of invasive monitoring by IUPC and semi-quantitative monitoring by TOCO, while ascertaining the ability to quantify uterine activity for frequency, duration and intensity of contractions in a safe, non-invasive and accurate method that can be performed throughout pregnancy and during all stages of labor.

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