About Us

Our Story

OB Tools was founded on a simple premise: improve the health of mother and baby. Our Technology is borne out of the desire of an experienced Ob/Gyn Physician with years of labor and delivery experience and his dream of finding a way to improve on the finicky and unreliable Toco as well as to avoid the inevitable infections and complications of internal monitors. The TrueLaborTM Maternal Fetal Monitor with LaborTrack TM Technology is the realization of years of research and refinement combining the best of Obstetrical Care with our ground breaking digital signal processing technology.

We have taken the time to study our device in well designed, head-to-head clinical studies against the industry leading ‘gold standard’ devices and then published those results in world renowned peer reviewed journals. Our studies have been done by the leading Physicians in the field of Obstetrical Care and Maternal Fetal Medicine at some of the finest research based teaching hospitals in the world. Additional studies are ongoing as we remain committed to our roots as a research based company always looking to improve the clinical care of mother and baby.

The TrueLaborTM System utilizes our proprietary LaborTrackTM Technology which, combined with our Embrace SensorTM, allows rapid application and the start of monitoring within seconds. The TrueLaborTM System and the LaborTrackTM Technology filters out the distractions and delivers the contractions.

  • S - Saves you time and money. Wireless and non-invasive. Can be applied in seconds.
  • A - Accurate, as shown in clinical evidence based on trials against the Gold Standard devices and published in the world’s leading journals.
  • F - Friendly to Mom and baby. No skin prep. Allows ambulation. No slipped belts. No rupture of membranes needed. No electrodes to screw into baby’s scalp. No risks of infection compared to internal monitoring.
  • E - Easy to learn and easy to use. No new waveforms to use. No new monitors to purchase. TrueLaborTM provides fetal heart rate, frequency of uterine contraction and strength of uterine contraction.*

* Strength of uterine contraction is not yet cleared in the U.S. or EU.